Whispers from the Grave Kindle Edition- High Resolution


Leandro wishes to escape A Sarjetta, a slum in Portugal. But the price paid for leaving costs more than greasy coins and dented trinkets.

There was never a better place to be dead than at Aunt Jeanie’s three-bedroom Chicago bungalow on Christmas. Tim wants to stay, but destiny offers another path. And Earthly time ticks away the hours to eternal loneliness.

Life—a harbinger in training—looks for Death at the crossroads of the Mortal Plane. An unknown client waits to move on, and the haphazardly dressed Grim Reaper missed the meeting!

A dinner guest reveals a dark secret. And ordinary desire shines light on the paranormal.

Flit haunts a Mediterranean Revival in Jacksonville. He’s here for someone. But Miss Leal thinks he’s a stranger. And others interrupt his plans.WftG Preorder Button

Even in the afterlife, the supernatural discover that forever-after may not be so easy. And family matters sometimes go beyond the grave.