Inspired by Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper,” this poetic prose sets a tone that hides something darker about the narrator.

In A Devil’s Love, an angry lover compares the one who abandoned her to an evil creature. At least, on the surface. She’s conflicted, a mood that still longs for the one she once had. It’s this conflict that sometimes plays out like a musical rhythm, hinting at a creeping madness and a long time obsession.

Twenty years ago a devil stole my soul. He came to me as a beast and I fell for him. He was sly. I could not see the warts and horns up on his head. He whispered words, I love you, and so I signed a pact. He had promised many luxuries, but it was just a cheap old ring. And on my wedding night, my legs had trembled, I felt his heat, and a momentary desire.

He took my soul and then he left me

Alone, I wait.

I wait.

I wait, I burn in pain, my heart in flames and tortured by his memory.

-M. Duda