I’m publishing two–maybe three–books soon. “Soon” seems like a rather mysterious amount of time, so I’ll explain.

One anthology goes up for pre-order sometime in August. It’s all stories with paranormal elements, just in time for Halloween. The book doesn’t have a title or cover yet–but hey–I’m working on it.

Expect Tiny Stories to go pre-order in September. If you like poetry and thematic stories, this could be your kind of read. A cover artist slotted the job for early in that month, so we’ll see about the actual publication dates.

What about a third anthology? It may also go on pre-order in September. To be honest, I don’t know if I want to publish the book. Maybe by August I’ll figure it out.

Now that I’m turning my attention to writing genre novels, a fantasy character lives and breathes. He’s exploring a setting, all of about 800 words of paper landscape. Not sure what sub-genre he lives in, but that’s what makes writing fun. Could be steampunk. Won’t be high fantasy because there’s a portal leaving our modern world. Mysterious, for sure.

And of course, can’t forget sci-fi. I do love this genre. Got a concept for a story, and I think I know which tropes to use. But can’t really say more until a character starts to do things on a page. Again, more mystery.